Finding the Light Excerpt

Finding the Light is LIVE! It’s 99¢ for a limited time, so make sure to grab your copy soon. If you need a little convincing, here’s an excerpt.


“Oh, come on. Don’t you want to get out of this place?” There’s nothing I want more than to escape. To find something in this life that gives me more passion than I ever thought possible.

“I don’t know, Avery.” Ryan plops onto his couch, resting his arm over the back of it. “What about our jobs? We can’t just up and leave,” he retorts.

“Why not? Neither of us loves our jobs. So, what’s the point? Why be miserable when you have a chance at happiness? Take a leap of faith, and come with me. Experience the world outside of this place.”

What I really want to say is, Help me find something more. More than the life I’m leading. Help me escape a place full of bad memories at every turn and replace them with ones I’ll never want to forget.

Yeah, it’s a lot to ask, but I need to know that there’s something just for me in this life. Something good that will make my heart beat wildly in my chest. Something that can put a smile on my face.

Ryan does all those things. He makes me happier than I’ve ever been, but I never want to be the girl who depends on a man for happiness, to be the epicenter of my life.

“Avery,” he sighs, running his hand through his brown hair.

I kneel on the floor in front of him with puppy-dog eyes. “Come on an adventure with me.”

I can see the second he gives in. Let’s face it, give any guy sad eyes, and he’ll be putty in your hands. Maybe it’s bad that I abuse it, but, hey, it’s all for the greater good. I’d never abuse my powers in a bad way. We both need to get out of this place that is draining and full of responsibility, so we can let go even if just for a moment in our lives.

All of his resistance washes away with a smirk and a shake of his head. “You win.”








I hope you enjoy! Until next time.

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