The Road Without You Sale!!

Thanksgiving has come and gone. I hope you had a day of laughter and love and delicious food!

I know there are sales galore out in the world right now, and I hope you were able to snag a couple good deals on things you had your pretty little eye on. Well, good news is I have one more sale for you! The Road Without You is 99cents for a limited time and FREE in KindleUnlimited. If you haven’t read Jax and Raegan’s story yet, now is your chance. Plus, you can enter the giveaway I’m participating in.

“Everything in me hummed alive when she was near. Something foreign coursed through me, like I’d been abducted by some unknown force that had to know everything about the girl who was unintentionally drawing me in.” -Jax, The Road Without You



Raegan Winters is determined to leave her ex-boyfriend, Travis, in the past, but he relentlessly throws himself in her path. With Travis holding her heart, it’s harder to move on than she thought it would be.

When Jax Andrews comes storming into her life, she has to decide if he’s worth taking a chance on.

Jax is battling his own war. To the outside world, he’s a player­—the guy who has it all­­—but most days, he struggles to find balance. All he really wants is to save the girl who consumes his every thought.

Jax fights to keep Raegan at bay, but she manages to steal a piece of his heart he didn’t know he had to give.

Together, they’ll find something they never knew they were missing.

“Jax isn’t a knight in shining armor, trying to come to my rescue. He’s a star in the night, traveling far and wide, waiting for someone to understand the way he shines. For someone to catch him, seeing past the shield he hides behind.” -Raegan, The Road Without You


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Don’t we all love giveaways?? Click below and make sure to check out some other books on sale. The giveaway is all the way at the bottom of the page. Good luck and happy reading!

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Enter giveaway HERE!


Until next time!

HM Sholander ❤



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