Price Changing VERY Soon!!

Hey guys!

Happy Fourth if you’re in the US! Hopefully you guys will be eating all kinds of yummy food and are watching the gorgeous fireworks light up the sky tonight.

I wanted to let y’all know that I updated the price on The Truth About Falling and The Road Without You. I’m not sure when the change will happen but VERY SOON the price will go from $2.99 to $3.99. If you haven’t grabbed them and have wanting to read them, snatch them up before the price increases.

If you need a little incentive 😉 check out the teasers below!


Raegan Winters is determined to leave her ex-boyfriend, Travis, in the past, but he relentlessly throws himself in her path. With Travis holding her heart, it’s harder to move on than she thought it would be.

When Jax Andrews comes storming into her life, she has to decide if he’s worth taking a chance on.

Jax is battling his own war. To the outside world, he’s a player­—the guy who has it all­­—but most days, he struggles to find balance. All he really wants is to save the girl who consumes his every thought.

Jax fights to keep Raegan at bay, but she manages to steal a piece of his heart he didn’t know he had to give.

Together, they’ll find something they never knew they were missing.

trwy3    trwy7

“Everything in me hummed alive when she was near. Something foreign coursed through me, like I’d been abducted by some unknown force that had to know everything about the girl who was unintentionally drawing me in.”

“Fear is a fucking bitch, and I wish I could punch her, laying that chick flat on her ass. Too bad fear isn’t a living, breathing thing.”

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Life is full of decisions.

Take the path on the left and turn into a beautiful princess. Veer right and wind up homeless. Choices, we make them every day.

I was on a path. I was going to become an improved version of Jade Hart, immersing myself in the world of art, but that didn’t happen. Instead, I’m on a new road, failing miserably, wondering how I ended up in this place.

Now I’m the girl no one wants to be around. The one who has a thousand feet of steel forged around her, not daring to let anyone through–until him.

Hudson is different. He doesn’t care about the baggage I drag around. He helps me carry the weight, even when I don’t want him too. I don’t have time for him, but my heart, my heart needs him more than I care to admit.



“But how long can you hide before it becomes who you are? Maybe this is me, walking around life with a chip on my shoulder because the cards I was dealt weren’t what I wanted, and I didn’t get the chance to trade them in. Life isn’t like a game of cards. You can’t toss out what you don’t like in hopes of finding something better.”

“For some unknown reason, I feel like he’ll be there to save me when I won’t know how to save myself.”

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Enjoy your day relaxing and laughing with loved ones. And remember, I have no idea when the price will change, so grab it before it’s too late!


HM Sholander

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