HMTheTruthAboutFallingBookCover5_25x8_MEDIUMThe Truth About Falling

Life is full of decisions.
Take the path on the left and turn into a beautiful princess. Veer right and wind up homeless. Choices, we make them every day.

I was on a path. I was going to become an improved version of Jade Hart, immersing myself in the world of art, but that didn’t happen. Instead, I’m on a new road, failing miserably, wondering how I ended up in this place.

Now I’m the girl no one wants to be around. The one who has a thousand feet of steel forged around her, not daring to let anyone through–until him.

Hudson is different. He doesn’t care about the baggage I drag around. He helps me carry the weight, even when I don’t want him too. I don’t have time for him, but my heart, my heart needs him more than I care to admit.

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ETE AmazonEscaping the Edge (Edge Book 1)

I crave oblivion. I need to feel numb more than I need my next breath because I can’t take the guilt gnawing at me for the death of my best friend, my other half.

I’m not the one who stole his last breath, but it could have been me. I’ve been drowning in my addiction and wallowing in my own misery since the day he left me.

But I’m turning it all around. I’m leaving the drugs and alcohol behind me. All with the help of Ryan, my saving grace. The one who can put me back together. But, will I only bring him down, or will he save me?

My name is Avery Bennett, and I am an addict. I’m in love with a ghost, but my heart is being stolen by someone I never saw coming.

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finding-the-lightFinding the Light (Edge Book 2)

Adventure. Chaos. Love. Despair.

Life can change in an instant. From a beautiful oblivion to utter destruction. I never saw it coming. I never believed this could happen. Reality brought us back down to the ground, ripping away a peace we never believed was possible. Our lives are far too complicated for us to live in a fairytale. Fairytales don’t come true. Fairytales aren’t real. Happiness is an elusive dream in our world. A thing we strive for but never quite reach.

One phone call destroyed us. Broke us into a million shattered pieces. Both of us falling, falling until nothing is left.

Somehow, someway, we’ll make it through. Together we’re stronger than we ever could be on our own. This hideously, beautiful life won’t tear us apart. It won’t break us down. We won’t let it. Because together this life is the adventure we always wanted but never dreamed of having.

*Escaping the Edge MUST be read first.*

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